About Me

Dr Vesna graduated in 2010 from University of Belgrade, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Serbia. After 4 years in a leading private dental clinic in Belgrade, she decided to further her education with a Specialization in Prosthodontics, University of Belgrade in 2015 and graduated in 2019 as one of the best clinical Specialist. Dr Vesna moved to Dubai in 2018 and continued her career as General and Cosmetic Dentist at Al Das Medical Clinic on Palm Jumeirah. After almost 5 years, she joined Healthbay Polyclinic and now is part of very well-known team of high skilled specialists in all medical fields.

My Motto

My passion of creating beautiful smiles is going hand in hand with long-lasting partnership full of respect, integrity and high moral standards. I take exceptional care of each patient combining precision with gentle touch, ensuring that each procedure is done exceeds patient expectation. Creating beautiful smiles in a friendly atmosphere using state of the art technology reflects my dedication to providing top notch care. My commitment to listen the patient concerns and desires, together with my expertise and empathy converge to create smiles that radiate both, health and confidence.